MAISIE - ADOPTED KITTENSWe were asked to help a cat and her 5 kittens which were born in less than ideal circumstances. Our vet was involved in neutering the other cats of the household and asked us to take a further 7 kittens. It was all very traumatic for mother cat Maisie who is very distrustful of humans, however she is feeding the 12 kittens who are now starting to eat for themselves. I am also supplementing the kittens with Cimicat.

Maisie is now neutered, and she and the kittens will me looking for new homes after Christmas.

Maisie is a brown and white tabby.

The kittens are:

  • 2 fluffy white and gingers
  • 3 tabbies
  • 2 white and black, one is fluffy
  • 2 black and white
  • 3 black