Three kittens of around 6 weeks old were found in a barn after their mother was shot.  They are now been cared for by Jan at Farplace Animal Rescue.  They are all boys, and comprise one brown tabby, one grey and one black.  I am a sucker for grey cats, and despite the fact that we have said that once our remaining cats pass away we won’t be getting any more, Jan has reserved the grey kitten for me!

We hope to make the journey within the next week to collect him.

We have decided to name him Whisper – as in a wisp of grey smoke.  He will be kept in the house and socialised with our pack.  He will of course be meeting our cats, Biscuit, Cookie and Felix under supervision too.  Then there will be vaccinations, worming, etc. and in due course neutering.  I am really looking forward to getting him.

It’s a long time since we had a grey cat.  He is certainly a little stunner!

Anyone wishing to adopt an animal should contact Jan at Farplace.  All kinds of domestic, farmyard and wild animals are rescued and apart from the wild animals, who as far as possible are released into the wild again, the rest all need good homes.  With the ever increasing cost of food and veterinary care, donations are always welcome.

…  Anne