We have recently Sponsored a kennel for Sozo Dog Rescue. Sozo is a Greek word meaning to keep safe and secure. They do a fantastic job getting Death Row Dogs out of the Council Pound and into good homes. They depend on fosterers and are always looking for volunteers in all parts of the country as well as homecheckers and transporters. If you wish to be involved, please contact Sozo

They are looking to buy a fully equipped van to collect dogs from the pound. You can Donate Here to help them

Recently they have acquired a block of 100 kennels. They need smartening up, but when done it will help save many more lives. We have recently Sponsored a Kennel, see Sozo kennel sponsorship for a dog in Sozo’s care.

If you can help in any way, you will be helping dogs who would otherwise be put to death through no fault of their own.

…  Anne