puppyKatie has always loved animals and has owned a good variety over the years, including a horse, chickens, rabbits, large breed dogs and cats.  She currently owns 2 staffordshire bull terriers, (a dog and a bitch, both neutered and both rescued), 3 cats (all rescued), 2 rabbits and chickens.  Her male Staffi, Ky, had serious separation anxiety problems when she rescued him from being put down as a stray, but he is now rehabilitated, thanks to Katie.  He is very good with dogs and Katie often uses him in her work, to identify problems in other dogs.

Katie qualified as a behaviourist in 2010, and has a lot of experience with the larger breeds, as well as training puppies right from the start, so that problems are not allowed to develop.

It is essential to socialize and train your new puppy as soon as possible, otherwise they may develop issues which will become harder to address in the future. Contact Katie for advice on how to start.


Here’s a video of Katie doing some basic training.  This dog hadn’t had any formal training previously, which is a pity, as he was really good!

Hand in hand with Dog Rescue goes Rehabilitation.  Some dogs who have been abused or neglected can lose their trust in humans or become aggressive around food, humans or other dogs.  They can develop behavioural problems which need to be addressed in order for them to become a good pet again.  Katie is one such lady who can help with these issues.  She has experience with dog aggression issues, separation anxietybehavioural problems and more minor issues which, if addressed quickly, will not develop into anything serious.

Here is a video of Katie working with a dog who reputedly had issues with small furry creatures.

Katie can be contacted through Heronbank.

…  Anne