Sox and Grandpa Rufus

Sox and Grandpa Rufus


Our friend Nick posed an interesting question on Facebook last night.  How do you transport two hot sandwiches and 2 steaming cups of tea from the kitchen in the lower ground floor to the lounge on the middle floor without them getting eaten by 3 dogs.  Its rather like the boat, chicken, fox, grain scenario.  You could feed the dogs then rush upstairs with the sandwiches, back for the tea – No! that won’t work!

However you look at it, the dogs would get there first every time and the sandwiches are going to become Scooby Snacks.

My suggestion, (and this is a test of your Pack Leadership Skills) is to command the dogs into a Down position, tell them firmly to Wait.  Take the sandwiches up first, returning for the Cuppas.  Reinforce the Wait command.  Take the tea upstairs,  call the dogs, and Hey Presto.

Alternatively you could always lock the dogs in their night-time crate!

…  Anne