Cyda with her 5 puppies

Cyda with her 5 puppies - 2011

I’ve been getting a plastic box prepared to receive the puppies whilst the next one is being born – it is useful to have a box, complete with blanket, heat pad and a light cover, to put the puppies in whilst mum has the next baby, or they will get trampled.  Once another puppy has been born, the cord tied and cut, and is feeding from mum, the other pups can be returned to her for food and warmth.  The suckling of the puppies will help to stimulate the next contractions.

It is amazing how steamy hot they are when they are born – and how quickly they cool down.  It’s imperative they are dried thoroughly and kept warm, as they cannot regulate their body temperatures until they are about 4 weeks.

See video of last year’s litter.

I also have a box containing thread, scissors, umbilical clamp, and an array of homoeopathic crystals from Charles Barrett, Homoeopathist which cover all eventualities for birthing short of surgical intervention.  These invaluable crystals cover:

  • Cyda's Puppies.

    Cyda's Puppies. 2011

  • Early (premature) birth or threatened abortion
  • Dilation of birth canal
  • To help strengthen contractions
  • Uterine inertia
  • Complete inertia or mother having difficulties
  • After the birth is finished – dosing down
  • Retained plascenta
  • Rejection of newborns by the mother eg following C-Section
  • None or insufficient milk
  • To reduce milk supply eg if part of a litter is lost, or eg Mastitis
  • To reduce milk supply totally eg at weaning

I would urge every serious or novice breeder to obtain this birthing pack from Charles.  It has saved us many an emergency trip to the vets.

Of course, once the puppies are all born, they are taken straight to the vets for a check-up, along with mum.

…  Anne