If you see a hedgehog in the very cold weather, particularly in the daytime, please don’t assume it is just feeding.

Cold winter weather is the time when hedgehogs should be hibernating.  If they are not, you can be sure something is wrong.

If a hedgehog is less than 1lb or 1/2Kg in weight, then it is unlikely to survive hibernation.

Your vet may know of a Mrs Tiggiwinkles Hedgehog Hospital near you who can help, but if not, here are a few tips.

Keep them above 5 degrees to keep them from hibernation.  A box with straw would be good.  Hedgehogs are very good at escaping, so make sure they are secure.

Hedgehogs have fleas!  Big fleas! so you will need to dust them with a dog/cat flea powder (powder, not spray).

Hedgehogs like a varied diet, dog or cat food, plus a few finely chopped pieces of fruit would be good.

Give water – not milk to drink.

Hopefully all our hedgehogs will sleep soundly this winter, but if not, then these tips may help them to survive until the warmer weather arrives …

…  Anne