This is the true story of Jane, who was ill with ME for a number of years before finding Charles Barrett, Homoeopathist.

I have been ill all my life with breathing problems, constant tram lines of snot under my nose, headaches, general debilitation – its called ME now. I was hospitalised 2 to 3 times a year and spent my 7th birthday in a hospital school where I was for over a year.  

If it moved I was allergic to it!!!

Moulds and fungus. Tree pollen. Rye grass, Animals, milk…….  

I now know it’s mainly dehydration and digestive disorders with blocked lymph nodes and a liver that wasn’t handling “life” –  and I cannot tolerate chemicals, mainly farm ones. I didn’t realise how ill I was till I started to improve. I didn’t put this in because when you are not “into” complementory medicine this sort of stuff puts joe public off, (and it reaffirms the negatives, the mind is just as important) I liken it to climbing the mountain.

If I had seen how big it was at the beginning I wouldn’t have got on the first rung of the ladder

Charles & Betty Barrett

Charles & Betty Barrett

I wouldn’t want to put anybody off, the only reason I kept going because “the fairies” kept giving me a little at a time. I found Charles by accident at the right stage of my improvement, I think if I had found him earlier I wouldn’t have realised how important he was to my health and would have disregarded him. I was too poorly.  As I say, I found Charles Barrett by pure accident, having bought some of his cleansing crystals (wormer) for my old poorly pony with COPD, where upon she stopped heaving immediately – She had never done that in her life.  I managed to locate the man and phoned to talk about my ill health along with the pony.  After the phone call I was to say the least, sceptical, thinking he was a charlatan.

It was the phrase “I can change your damaged DNA”.  Yer right!!!

I have worked with the man for 16-ish years and you know what? HE HAS!!!  I don’t have the eloquence to explain how good I feel (I didn’t realise how ill I was until I started to get better – and I have still a bit to go).

I can’t convey to people what this man has done for me, Gwennypenny, and countless animal he has saved along the way.  

  • Pippin the kitten from being put down because of a heart murmur.  
  • Glossy pig and Juno from cesareans.  
  • Black Jack and Elgin the kittens with diarhroea (they were teething!) – the vet was going to put them down. 
  • Gwenny the pony who could eventually run and jump (and Breathe!).  
  • Fluke my dog with a slipped disc, from an operation and 7 more years pain free.  
  • Countless lambs and a lot more……….

Don’t ask me how homeopathy works, it isn’t logical or “scientific” all I know is that when my new kittens curl up on me, in the bedroom with no allergic reaction from me, or I do that exercise class all the way through!!!!  It’s a miracle!!!!

It is not Brimstone fire and treacle and you don’t get better instantly if you have been ill a long time. It’s a gentle improvement, but if you catch it early before anything get a hold, he can stop it!

The Man is a genius, and I shall never be able to thank him enough for the quality of life we have been given by him and the care and knowledge for all these years

…  Jane

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