spirit home after holiday1Unless there is a medical reason as to why your dog cannot wear a collar, then please ensure they wear one at all times, even in the house.  An open door can see you searching the streets for your beloved pet. (Identification discs are a must, and should contain your name (not your dog’s name), address (not just the postcode) and your telephone number – your mobile number is a good idea if you are out searching for your pet) and also your vet’s number in case of accident.

“My dog is micro-chipped!” I hear you cry.  Great idea, but not everyone carries a scanner – and those who do may not be open when your dog is found.  Life is a lot simpler when your dog can be easily reunited with you.

If you are buying a new puppy, buy an ID disc beforehand. If you are planning on moving home, get your dog’s new ID disc ahead of time, and put it on their collar, along with the old disc until after you have moved, then simply remove the old disc.  It is so easy to overlook this and in the hustle and bustle of moving, your dog may escape through a door left open by a careless removal man or family member.

…  Anne