Sooty - on arrival

Sooty – on arrival

SootyMy friend Katie rescued Sooty.  He was in a bad way with abscesses on his face and neck which burst, and really bad ears.  He had been living through a a terribly cold and snowy winter on a draughty stairwell of a block of flats, begging for food at each door.  When he came to us, he had possibly only a week to live.  We vaccinated him homoeopathically, as we didn’t know what diseases he may have been in contact with.  Anti-biotics and ear drops soon sorted out his medical problems and with Burns complete cat nutrition he soon put on weight.  However, his encounter with the animals which caused his injuries had left it’s mark psychologically.  He just didn’t trust other animals and would attack rather than be attacked.

He also didn’t like being handled and bathing him under sedation, to remove the grease and dirt from his coat, produced our first bite.

He spent several months in our spare pen whilst we tried to find him a suitable home, without success.  A chance e-mail from an old friend, Jan at Farplace, gave us hope.  She would take him! Sooty changed with Jan into a much more accepting and laid back cat. The best we could hope for him was life in a barn, but the miracle we had been hoping for happened when Jan found him a domestic home.  He’s now the companion to an elderly man, and an only pet.  Purrfect!

Thank you Jan!

…  Anne