honey9An addition to the Heronbank Pack was blenheim, Ladyview Mazie Ann at Hanaland,  aka “Honey”, seen on the left, with Drummer.


Honey, is a little shy having not been socialised by her breeder at the crucial time and is rather stand off-ish with strangers, but has settled in well with John and I as well as with the pack.


Heronbank Zenith

Honey is the Great Grand-daughter of the late Heronbank Zenith, seen right, who was an excellent Heronbank Stud for several years before his retirement.



honey and pups

Hettie. Honey & Drummer's Daughter

Hettie. Honey & Drummer’s Daughter

Honey and Drummer have brought party-colours back to Heronbank with the birth of Honey’s first litter, which was born in October 2013.

5 beautiful puppies, one blenheim and 4 tricolours.  4 are now settling in to their new homes. Honey also gave us Heronbank Heritage, a stunning tricolour girl whom we have called Hettie. She is now part of the Heronbank pack and in due course we hope she will have babies of her own.


Our bitches have just have one litter each year in accordance with good breeding practice, Kennel Club rules and in line with the Breeding and Selling of Dogs (Welfare) Act 1999.

We normally retire our girls during their fifth year, when they revert to being just happy, healthy neutered pets.