Well I have checked Honey over and I do believe she is pregnant. I don’t hold with having unnecessary veterinary work done just to know if I am right, I can wait! Scans are ok if there is a potential problem, but are inaccurate in predicting the number of puppies, and time will tell.

This being the case, her puppies will be due on or around Christmas eve, What Joy! We plan to have a pre christmas meal with the family but christmas is pretty much a working day for us anyway. Animals still need to be fed, cleaned out etc.

The pack leaders of Drummer, the father to the puppies, Nick and Jo are welcome to come and see is, if it doesn’t impact on your Christmas celebrations too much. Drummer’s picture courtesy of Nick Watts of UrbanHaze. Thank you Nick.

We will try to get our webcam on for the whelping so you can see the puppies being born as it happens, which is often in the early hours of the morning. Those who are interested in having one of our babies can have a live link to our webcam, just send us your name and email address and we can get that set up for you.

In the meantime you may enjoy this video of one of our previous bitches, Cyda giving birth. it is 13 minutes of pure delight, so do take a look!

…  Anne