It is always a good idea to get your new dogs checked out by your vet and it is a good experience to introduce the dogs to him/her in a non-confrontational way – ie when nothing bad is going to happen to them.  With this in mind, we took Honey and Drummer to Donaldsons at Mirfield, to meet Andrew who is going to be their vet.

Honey with Drummer

Drummer was bold and confident, wanting to be fussed and not minding the handling at all.  Andrew found a build up of wax in his ears, so we are using an ear cleaner for him.  Honey, on the other hand was reserved, a little nervous and glad when it was all over.  I had noticed that she had a sore eye, and under examination, Andrew could see a small scratch, where Drummer, in all probability, had clouted her!  Uncouth Youth!!!  I am continuing to apply Fucithalmic cream twice daily.

I have also got their PetLog Microchips changed into our name and have activated MoreThan Pet Insurance for them.

What a busy day.

…  Anne