Fin soon after arrival

Fin soon after arrival

This is a true story about Fin – a pedigree cavalier spaniel with horrendous allergies to almost everything.  Bred by us, Fin was a superb little puppy, showing no hint of what was to come.  As responsible breeders we took him back when we heard about his problems and immediately set about treating him. He came back to us at around 3 years old, having at some point between 8 months and 18 months developed severe allergies to almost everything. His condition had gone largely untreated for around a year before we got him and his distraught owner was at the end of her resources – the only other option open to her was his euthanasia.


Fin at his Worst

Fin came to us with hardly any hair, infection oozing from every orifice and was obviously suffering and depressed.  He often wouldn’t get out of his bed until 9am.  His skin was red, dry, itchy, scaly and flaking. We immediately consulted our vet, Donaldson & Partners for a diagnosis and prognosis.  We started bathing him daily in a specially formulated shampoo and treating him constantly with ear and eye drops.  He embarked on course after course of antibiotics and a very restricted diet, and although he improved to a point, his recovery plateaued out and our vet started talking euthanasia again.  “Don’t go there” I said.  Having spoken with Charles Barrett, our Homoeopathist, we asked our vet to take Fin’s blood which we sent to Charles who made a potent remedy (we are fortunate to have a vet who is open-minded towards homoeopathy).  This remedy, along with several others are given to Fin twice a day. It literally saved his life.

FinThe change within 2 months was noticeable.  He had a much improved coat, his skin was smooth and the infection much reduced. He still gets flare-ups of itching and infection from time to time, but he is a much happier little dog.  Our vet had no explanation for his improvement and said “If I ever have the misfortune to treat another animal with as many problems as Fin, I’ll be referring him to your man in Spain” – Lets hope he does just that! Fin may not be perfect, maybe he never will be, but he’s happy and healthy, and that is what matters.

Here is a recent video of Fin playing with our girls.

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…  Anne