My neighbour came round in a bit of a flap yesterday.  Her pug had begun whelping and she wanted to borrow a pet carrier as her bitch had half-delivered a birth-sac and couldn’t get any further.  She had been like that for 2 hours.  Pugs are notorious for having birthing problems and my neighbour was panicking and saying she needed to see a vet.  I calmly gave her pug several doses from my Homoeopathic Birthing Pack from Charles Barrett, Homoeopathist, (see link to the right of this page under Betic Health & Beauty).

My neighbour took her pug into the garden to relieve herself, and it was obvious that everything was so tightly packed inside her that something had to give – and soon!  The pug was bundled into the car to go to the vets, and my parting words were “watch her, she’ll probably have one on the way to the vets” and sure enough she did just that!

On her return home, she had a further 4 puppies, with the help of the Birthing Pack.  I cannot speak too highly of the benefits of this pack which is invaluable to anyone who breeds animals of any kind and covers pretty well all eventualities before, during and after the birth process.  My neighbour is now convinced that the Homoeopathic Birthing Pack helped her through a difficult birth (and saved her a vets bill for a Caesarean section), so I am now encouraging her to buy a Homoeopathic Birthing Pack of her own from Charles!  It’s a good investment!

…  Anne