We have recently been on holiday, and decided to leave our pack with Hillcrest Boarding Kennels & Catteries, a small family-run kennels and cattery on Gomersall Lane in nearby Cleckheaton.  They have a section for small dogs, where they are individually housed with indoor and outdoor runs, and a section for large dogs, where each dog had a large indoor run (and I mean LARGE) and a grassy paddock to run in whilst their pen is being cleaned.  As we are a multi-dog household, I requested one of the larger enclosures for our spaniels to share (but no grassy paddock as Fin has Grass Allergies).

I always think about my animals whilst we are away, particularly Fin, who has numerous allergies and other health problems.  Is he getting his medication / baths / treatments?  Are they remembering not to walk him on grass?  Has he needed a vet?  You know the sort of thing.  Well, I can say, hand on heart, that I was very pleasantly surprised to find all the dogs looking content and well cared for, and I must admit, as far as Fin was concerned, I couldn’t have done better myself!  He was not showing any sign of infection or yeast allergy, his fur – which had been shed on his back following a recent yeast flare-up – was growing back, and he was looking bright eyed and bushy-tailed.  (well, maybe not bushy tailed, but Fin’s tail is another matter!)  He had had all his baths, including on the day we picked him up (thankfully we didn’t have that job to do after a long journey).

I can highly recommend Hillcrest Boarding Kennels & Catteries, Cleckheaton.  Our sincere thanks to Dawn and her staff for their care and hard work.   For a list of services, times and pricing please phone Hillcrest Boarding Kennels & Catteries on 01274 873750 to arrange a visit at 63 Gomersal Lane, Cleckheaton.

…  Anne