pup4It doesn’t seem like nearly 12 weeks since Honey’s pups were born, but it will be 12 weeks tomorrow!

Hetty is integrating well with the other dogs. She follows them into the back garden and wanders around nibbling the grass. I even saw her have a wee once!

Hettie 12 weeksShe is learning etiquette – not rushing through the door before mummy, and stepping back when I open the baby gates, except the one in the dog-room!

Training is integrated as a matter of daily life.

She is very bold and approaches the other dogs confidently, even Spirit, the border collie, but to stop Spirit freaking out, there is usually a baby gate between them!.

Our next job is to continue her socialisation, taking her to visit the neighbours and car trips to visit Grandma.

We plan to have all the dogs, including Hettie vaccinated for Kennel Cough at the end of January. This will complete Hetty’s course of vaccinations and they will then be covered for a year.

…  Anne