For those of you who wondered why the Heronbank Webcam wasn’t working recently, we have been on holiday and have just returned and got our dogs back from their various locations.



Spirit has been staying with Aunty Kate at Step in Pet Services.  See link to the right of this page.

Spirit adores Aunty Kate and will do anything to ride in her 4×4.  In return she guards the car and won’t let anyone – and I mean anyone near.

Aunty Kate loves Spirit too and even allows her to text Mum and Dad whilst they are away!!!

Aunty Kate has walked Spirit‘s legs off whilst she has been away and she now has a waist-line!

When Spirit came into the house again, did she greet John and I?  Not a chance!  She walked straight through our suitcase and went outside on Cat-Guarding Duty.

The Cats, Biscuit, Cookie and Felix, plus the rescues Ebony and Sooty, have been ably cared for by Katie who is a dog behaviouralist friend of  ours, and her son Charlie, now 6 months old.  They were all pleased to see us and greeted us at the door.

Fin, looking good

Fin, looking good



Cyda and Fin have been cared for at Foxholes Animal Hotel at East Ardsley, where they have given Fin his medications according to a chart we prepared before the holiday, and bathed him 3x a week.

It’s always an uphill struggle with Fin and he can suddenly deteriorate for no apparent reason, but thankfully he is reasonably ok.

Cyda too is looking good following her bath, and both are pleased to be home.

Where is Skully? I hear you ask

She staying at my sister Janet’s with dad Toby and grandpa Manny.  She’s having a whale of a time and doesn’t want to come home yet!!!

Special thanks to all those who collectively made our holiday possible.

Saga Ruby

Saga Ruby

And where did we go?

Norway, on our special 40th Wedding Anniversary Celebration Cruise on the Saga Ruby.

Over the Arctic Circle into the Land of the Midnight Sun.

Would we go again?  You Betcha!

I’m working through the 800+ pictures which we took, and preparing a few presentations on a special web-page … watch this space!

…  Anne