tabby kittenWith the ever increasing costs of caring for rescued animals, we are always in need of –

  • Food. Wet food, dry food, kitten milk. Pregnant and nursing animals require vastly increased amounts of good quality food to give them the nourishment they need to care for their young, and to give the kittens the best start in Life.
  • Cimicat. Occasionally we need to hand rear kittens and Cimicat is an excellent substitute for mothers milk. Most cats are lactose intolerant and cannot have cows milk.
  • Veterinary care. Even with generous rescue discounts, one emergency can drain resources very quickly.
  • Equipment – Beds, Crates etc.
  • Bedding. This needs to be washed and changed regularly and we can always use towels, blankets and duvets.
  • Litter. We go through a lot of litter and supplies need to be renewed regularly.
  • Cat toys. Kittens need play stimulation to develop into healthy cats.


mindys kits1We are asking anyone who can help with fundraising to contact us.

  • Raffles
  • Car Boots
  • Table top Sales
  • Tombolas
  • Cake and Biscuit bakes
  • Coffee Mornings
  • Bring and Buy Sales
  • On line Auctions
  • …  Any other ideas?


100% of the money raised goes directly to help rescued animals in our care.