A lady who runs a hedgehog hospital from her York home is appealing for equipment to help see her through the winter. Retired DIY store section manager Wendy Aitken, of Osbaldwick, currently has about ten hedgehogs in her care and is looking for any unwanted rabbit or guinea pig cages or hutches to help house her growing collection. Wendy, 52, took early retirement through ill health and turned her attention to setting up her own hedgehog hospital at her bungalow in Moorlands Close.

Over the past four and-a-half years she has earned herself a reputation locally as the “hedgehog lady”, rescuing dozens of the animals. Wendy said: “After the last article went in The Press, people were very kind and I got donations of money and towels. Another result of the article was that a lot of people phoned me for advice saying they’d found hedgehogs. As a result, the number I had has gone up. I have so many that I’m having to keep some of them in storage boxes, and although it’s hibernation time, many of them are still active as it’s been quite mild, and need their space.”

Wendy is also looking for businesses to sponsor her to enable her to buy a stethoscope and microscope. She said: “It doesn’t take a lot of money to look after them. It’s mostly food and towels, but I’m looking to get some more serious equipment to help me monitor their health.”

If you can help, phone Wendy on 07429 675800.