Apr 08

Hand made Greetings Cards to order

Hand made Cards for that Special Occasion

My sister hand makes excellent quality, uniquely individual cards for any occasion, to order.

Here are some examples of her work.




  • Christmas,
  • Wedding, 
  • Exam Success,
  • Driving Test Success,
  • Birthday,
  • New baby,
  • Anniversary,
  • Congratulations, 
  • Graduation,
  • Bereavement etc.

Bi-fold and Tri-fold cards available.


Let her know your occasion and give ideas as to colour scheme, age, gender etc:

eg “45 year old Female Birthday Card with decoupage flowers”…

eg “Congrats on Passing your Driving Test for 17 year old male” …

eg “New baby Girl” …


Minimalist cards: Prices from £1.50

Complex cards: Prices from £3 each

10% of card sales is given to Charity


Bereavement cards – respectful without being morbid.








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