Andrew’s puppies are growing up and now have their eyes open.  Here’s what Andrew has to say:

On waking up this morning and coming downstairs we were greeted by 3 pairs of eyes peering at us from the whelping box.  At 12 days old Tess’s puppies are on target in their development scale.  Although their eyes are open they still cannot focus properly, very much like a human baby, it will be about another week before they can focus properly and are able to see.  Another development stage that is on target is their hearing, over the next few days their ears will mature and they will be able to identify sound more.  Things from now will progress quite quickly,  Tess is spending longer and longer away from her puppies and today was the first time she showed interest in the other dogs spending some time with Poppy and Millie in the dog pen in the conservatory.

…  Anne