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    Inside or outside, make sure that he/she can get to a cooler well-ventilated or shady area.

  • Never leave dogs alone inside a glass conservatory or a caravan even if it is cloudy.  Temperatures inside can rocket to dangerous levels within an hour if the sun shines.
  • Ensure your dog has a good supply of drinking water, in a bowl which can’t be knocked over.  Carry water with you and give frequent small amounts to your dog.
  • Groom your dog regularly to rid them of excess hair.  Long haired breeds can be clipped during the summer months.
  • Dogs still need exercise, even on hot days, but please do not walk them during the heat of the day.  Take them out early in the morning and late evening when it is cooler.
  • Dogs can get sunburned too – especially those with light coloured noses or light coloured fur on their ears.  Talk to your vet about pet-safe sunscreens.

…  Anne