OliveHow can you get your dog to eat properly if you have a fussy eater?  It is a natural reaction to tempt your dog to eat, no matter what.  However, the truth is that the main reason for a dog refusing food is that he is simply not hungry.  If your dog is not eating, take him for a good walk,  expend some energy with a ball-game.  No healthy dog will starve himself to death, an odd day without food will not do him any harm, and he will be ready for his food the next day.

  • Feed a good quality dog food – we recommend Burns.
  • Feed once daily for larger dogs, twice for smaller dogs.
  • Take up any food not eaten in 10 – 15 minutes.  If any food is left, reduce the next meal by slightly more than the amount left.
  • Adjust quantities to ensure your dog is ready for his meal and leaves an empty plate.

Heronbank Zenith

We once had a stud dog who was quite happy to eat dry dog food.  At 5 months old, he was offered a home on stud terms.  The message came back “He won’t eat this dried food, but we have been giving him chicken and tuna, which he will eat!”  It was some months and a lot of persuasion from us before he was back on his regular diet!

…  Anne