wendys kittensFeral cats have a hard life, living on average only 5 years, scavenging for food, fighting, breeding out of control and falling prone to one of the many fatal feline diseases. There are neutering programmes which include neutering, de fleaing, worming and releasing into the area they came from if there are persons there to feed them and keep an eye on their welfare. We have been involved in this recently, and to that end we are fundraising to cover costs. Our car boot sale yesterday raised nearly £100 which will go a long way to feeding and treating them. If the kittens can be caught early enough, 4 weeks is ideal, they can be tamed and found domestic homes.

Feral cats can be given homoeopathic treatments for worms, fleas, and a vaccine, which can be given in their food and water. This is also an excellent idea for multi cat households and where the family cats do not appreciate having a worming tablet pushed down their throat! Please leave a message if you are interested in homoeopathic medications for your cats.

…  Anne