kittens 3 days oldThe ex-owner of Fleur who also owns the father to Fleur’s kittens has agreed to have him castrated.  He has been in one of our indoor kennels since last night, and we will be taking him through to the vets this morning – (that way we can ensure he does not eat or escape prior to surgery!).  He will stay with us again tonight until he is fully recovered and his owner will then collect him.  No more babies for him!  One of Fleur’s babies is very like him. The little ginger and white boy we call Pullman (Pulmanaria – after the plant which is blooming so profusely at the moment).

cat fleurFleur will also be spayed after her kittens are weaned (courtesy of Cats Protection).  At least this pair will not be producing any more kittens at add to the ever increasing number of unwanted cats and kittens, and provision will be made for the kittens to be neutered too.  Homes will be needed for Fleur and her babies at the end of June.  Anyone interested, please contact us.

…  Anne