kittens 3 days oldFleurs kittens, the male, Pulman (Pulmanaria), and his sisters Rosie (Primrose) and Belle (Bluebell) are flourishing.  Their eyes are now open and they are big active fluff-balls.  It won’t be too long before they are out of their box and exploring, eating, playing, and generally causing mayhem! New homes are needed for all 3 kittens and their mum at the end of June.  Fleur will be spayed before she leaves us and provision will be made for the kittens to be neutered at 4 months old, before they can produce kittens of their own!

Sadly Fleur’s adopted kittens have all died.  They were severely dehydrated when they came in, and although both Fleur and me did our best for them, one by one their kidneys failed. It would have been a miracle if any had survived, but we are very sad.

…  Anne