kittens 3 days oldHere is a picture of Rescued cat, Fleur’s, kittens at 3 days old.  The boy is in the middle with his 2 sisters either side. They seem to be thriving under their mothers care.  They and their mother will need homes at the end of June. Fleur is only 18 months old and this is her third litter.  Her previous owner doesn’t want her any more.  She will be spayed as soon as her milk has dried up and provision is being made for their new owners to have the kittens neutered at 4 months old.  Cats are often neutered too late in life when they have already produced at least one litter of kittens.  The males can breed at 5 months and the females at 6 months and they can be pregnant with another litter, whilst they are still feeding a litter.  Neutered cats make excellent companions.

Anyone interested in adopting should contact us.

We are also asking for suggestions as to the names of these little ones.

…  Anne