Fleur2You know how it is when you become aware of someone – or something … in the bedroom!  I opened my eyes. The clock showed 4:10. A flash of white disappeared into the gloom down the side of my bedside table. A moment later Fleur re-appeared. She jumped up on the window ledge behind the curtains. She was making insistent little meowy and purry noises – and trying unsuccessfully to find an exit.  I took her back to her babies. I was awake now, so her continued chatterings did nothing to lull me back into sleep. She came out of her pen a second time, so I reluctantly decided to get up.

Cats can become pregnant again whilst they are feeding kittens. This is obviously in Fleur’s plan. Fortunately we are aware of this and she will not succeed.  She will be spayed when her milk has dried up.

…  Anne