Flea treatmentWith the advent of central heating, fleas became a year round problem!

These blood-sucking parasites can make your pet’s skin sore causing them to scratch.  In turn, excessive scratching can lead to the skin becoming broken and sore.  This is sometimes referred to as Flea Rash. This normally starts on the back, near the tail and can spread over the whole animal if not treated.

Fleas can be bought into the house by your cats or dogs.

If you suspect that your pet has fleas, ensure your animal and its bedding, as well as furnishings and carpets are regularly treated with a suitable flea product..

Frontline can be used on both dogs and cats. Other products are available, but please get them from your vet as using the wrong product, eg a dog product on a cat, can be lethal!  Regular treatment is necessary to protect your pet, and your home.

Tea Tree Oil Shampoo is quite good as a deterrent, if used regularly alongside your normal flea treatment.  Fleas don’t like the smell of Tea Tree Oil.

Hopefully this should eradicate the problem.

…  Anne