TeddyDogs can pick up fleas from your garden, hedgerows and other dogs who have fleas.

Fleas live on the blood of the host animal, and frail dogs or small puppies can very quickly become anaemic.

Fleas can make your dog itch to the point that he will scratch and bite himself raw, and cause a rash, known as a flea rash which is usually seen on his lower back. His hair may fall out or he will pull the hair out in his attempt to rid himself of these external parasites.

Fleas can live in the home and can bite humans. So what can we do to keep our pet free of fleas and comfortable and our home flea free?

Flea treatmentUse only a flea treatment recommended by a vet. Frontline spray is excellent or Advantage spot on. These products need to be used regularly throughout the year at 6-weekly intervals, in accordance with the manufacturers instructions. Hot weather is a particularly good time for fleas but they can survive the coldest winters thanks to our central heating. Please note, products suitable for dogs may NOT be suitable for cats, and can cause fitting and death.

The carpets and furnishings can be treated with a proprietary spray, again your vet will advise the best product to use and how to use it safely.

…  Anne