Fin, our rescued cavalier is suffering from numerous allergies, see so we have made some changes to his living conditions:



He now only goes out in the back garden where there is no grass.  He can be lead-walked on paths away from grass.  No more running in the fields and woods for Fin!

His bedding is washed in hot water daily.

He is on Burns Fish and Rice (a change from Fish and Maize as he has a slight reaction to maize).  His food is stored in an airtight container which is cleaned regularly.  Before feeding, we now freeze his food to help prevent storage mites.

He is not allowed in the Lounge or other carpeted areas or on soft furnishings in an effort to reduce his exposure to dust mites – which basically means he is restricted to the kitchen and dog room. (I feel really bad about this but his health is at stake).  We are also starting to damp-dust for the same reason.

We are awaiting several new remedies from Charles Barrett our Homoeopathist including two for his strongest allergy towards the yeast and bacteria occurring naturally on his own skin! – see the link on the right side of this page.  He is able to counteract the effects of allergens through his treatments.

…  Anne