If your dog gets lost, and unless you keep your dog on a lead it can happen.  Dogs get distracted by the scent of a squirrel or a deer and before you know it they are gone!  It happens!

After your initial search proves fruitless, return home and take time to find the DogLost website where you can enter details of your dog and where he was lost as well as your mobile contact details (you will be out looking for him). You can also print posters so you can return to the area and advertise so other dog walkers can keep a lookout for him.  You are not alone. You will also get assistance from a network of helpers, like myself, who have registered with DogLost. They will receive notification about your dog.  They can also print and distribute posters and search for your dog.  This happened yesterday when a deaf dog became missing during his morning walk in nearby Cleckheaton.  I got a notification at about 11.30am and immediately printed posters to distribute.  Deaf dogs have a whole new set of problems. Calling their name or whistling is useless. Also they cannot hear traffic, so it is vital that they are located as soon as possible.  We drove down and located the area in which he was lost (his owner had already put posters up) and we drove slowly around the area looking for the dog.  We did not manage to find him, but someone else did, and he was returned to his grateful owner by 3pm.  The dog in the picture is NOT the dog who went missing, merely an illustration.

…  Anne