Ollie and Honey will be arriving from Hanaland Cavaliers today!  We are really excited and looking forward to introducing them to our Pack.  We have their ID Tags already.  These contain important information like our name and address, our telephone numbers, mobile and land-line, and our vet’s details.

Honey is a blenheim girl, related to our Heronbank Bloodline, and Ollie is a Tricolour boy.  At around 8 months old now, we expect Honey to be in season soon, and no doubt Ollie will be more than keen to mate her.  Curb your enthusiasm, little man, she’s too young!!!

I guess it would be good if my sister would take Ollie when Honey is in season, an added complication being that we will be taking her dog, Toby, for a few days at the end of May / beginning of June.  Paws crossed that Honey will not be in season then, or someone might have to go into kennels for a while!

…  Anne