‌fin after a bathOur rescued cavalier, Fin stopped eating for 2 days and was very lethargic. We took him to our vets who found he had an extremely high temperature. It wasn’t our own vet who knows Fin well, in fact she had only seen him once before for vaccinations.  She gave him an antibiotic injection and Synulox tablets and sent him home with instructions to return after a week, or earlier if we were worried about him.  We made an appointment for the following Tuesday morning when our own vet would be on duty.

Fin slept from mid afternoon until 9am the following morning. He looked very poorly indeed. We made an appointment for him with the expectation that he would be euthanized. I put his slip lad on to see if he could stand, so we could get him to the car. Not only could he stand, he saw the girls food on the way through the kitchen and snaffled it!  I took him into the front garden to relieve himself on the way to the car and took the lead off. To my utter amazement he trotted around the lawn exploring, then he went around the rest of the garden as happy as Larry! We cancelled his appointment.

He had eaten the girls’ food,  been on the lawn and had no doubt eaten some bread which had been put out for the birds. He shouldn’t do any of that, because of his allergies, but what did that matter!

We are now monitoring him. He will be going to see Uncle Andrew on Tuesday as planned and we will formulate a plan.

…  Anne