Fin - Horners SyndromeIn addition to all his allergy and immune system problems, our rescued cavalier, Fin, has now developed Horner’s Syndrome. No! I hadn’t heard of it either! Apparently it affects the nerves on one side of his face, causing the eye to drop, reduced blinking function, drooling and lethargy. He has taken to holding his head on one side in much the same way as a stroke victim would.

I managed to get a sample of his urine to take to the vets with him, and a test revealed considerable amounts of protein – a sign that his kidneys are leaking protein out.

All in all, at just over 9 years old, there is no good long term prognosis for Fin. كيف تربح المال من الانترنت We have had a blood test done and depending on the results which we will discuss with our vet this afternoon, we will take his advice into consideration. We also intend to consult our homoeopathist, Charles Barrett, this evening. العاب سباق الحصان

His ability to eat is not diminished, and he seems to be able to get about ok, so he does still have a quality of life at the moment. كم عمر بنزيما

…  Anne