We took Fin to Donaldson’s Vets for his usual check-up with Andrew and did a weight check as we normally do.  He had piled on the weight due to the steroids he had to take for his skin condition caused by his allergies.  We were surprised and delighted to find he had dropped below the 12Kg mark.  He is now within about a kilogram of his ideal weight, so we will start giving him a little more food to slow his weight loss and stabilise his weight.  I have been weighing his food and giving him 100g per day, so we will increase that very slightly.  It has been such a long, hard journey for Fin as he is so food-motivated, but we have learned to ignore his pleas for extras and his offers to finish anything which the girls leave!  I swear he can detect food 2 rooms away!  His general health is improving and he is more active.  He has started playing with the girls and can even jump on our knees for a cuddle!

…  Anne