Fin went to see Andrew at Donaldson & Partners Vets for a check-up after his Anal Gland operation.    There was a small problem (isn’t there always with Fin!) as, due to the post operative infection which he had, (see there’s a small hole where his anal glands were.  This did diminish, and he had another check-up at the end of May.

As he was (relatively) infection-free at that moment, we took the opportunity to have some bloods taken for a Sensitest – which we hope will highlight Fin’s allergies. see

And the really good news is that Fin’s infection was clearing up, his skin was less inflamed and his fur was definitely growing back. see It was slow progress, and a constant battle, but we won in the end.

Fin is usually better in the summer months, but I can honestly say that he was particularly good at that time.

…  Anne