honey1honey4We are hopeful that Honey might be pregnant, although at this stage it is impossible to tell. Many people believe that a pregnant bitch requires more food but this is not strictly true.  What they do need is a good concentrated highly nutritious food, eg Burns, feeding at their normal daily amount, but spread across several smaller meals, as the growing puppies take up more space inside the mother-to-to be.  It is also a good idea to add warm water to their complete dried diet towards the later part of pregnancy as dry food will swell inside their stomach making them uncomfortable if they eat a little too much. By soaking the food, it swells before being eaten, so the bitch will only eat as much as she feels comfortable with. Feeding too much at this stage may result in the puppies growing quickly, resulting in a possible C-section for the bitch.

Pictures courtesy of Nick from UrbanHaze

…  Anne