honey9It never ceases to amaze me how people can pay £600+ for a Pedigree Puppy and then will feed them on the cheapest dog food they can find!

Would you feed your new baby on watered down milk?

Pedigree or mongrel, your puppies are worth the very best food you can afford.  This will help them to develop strong bones and teeth, a good digestive system, and be generally healthier and more active.

We supply Burns Pet Nutrition to all new owners of our puppies.  We have found this to be an excellent food, enabling your puppy to grow strong and steadily into an adult.

Some well-meaning owners will add tinned food or chopped chicken to an already balanced complete meal.  This will certainly encourage the dogs to eat more than otherwise, but in doing so, the balance of the meal is thrown out.  If a dog is fed regularly on a good, balanced diet they will thrive, and they will eat as much as they need.

…  Anne