There is a lot that your new puppy has to learn. اسماء كونكر اونلاين  You have to establish a routine, including times he will be left alone, play time and sleep time.

Leaving puppy alone

There are times when puppy will be left alone – if only when you go out to the shops.  Start by leaving him alone in one room or his crate for short periods. مجموعة اليورو 2023

  • Go outside for a little while.
  • Gradually extend this time, extending the puppy’s confidence that you will return.
  • Do not fuss puppy immediately on your return, wait a minute for him to calm down, then call him over for a fuss.

Play time

Playing is a good time to bond with puppy.

  • Make sure that you control the game, and you decide when the fun starts and stops.
  • Use safe dog toys for play, and not the children’s toys.
  • Avoid wrestling and tug-of-war games as these encourage competition between you and puppy, which may lead to dominance or aggression.
  • Do not let children play with puppy at this stage.
  • Wriggling your fingers in front of puppy’s face should be avoided as  this may encourage a bite.
  • Do not play with puppy just before a sleep time as this may make him hyper at a time when he needs calm. هوت لاين ويسترن يونيون

Sleep time

puppies in bedPuppy will need periods of uninterrupted sleep during the day as well as night.

  • Wait until you think he is likely to settle down, then calmly put him is his bed or crate and leave him.
  • He may whine of make a fuss, it is important to ignore this behaviour.
  • He should soon go to sleep if he is tired.

…  Anne