wendy3Wendy was emaciated when she came in with her 3 kittens 3 days ago. Her babies had been born in a Wendy House the day before but the story goes back further than that. Wendy must have been dumped months ago, as she is actually the thinnest cat I have ever seen. I have seen some pretty skinny animals in my time but I was genuinely shocked by her condition. Her ribs are sticking out but her stomach is shrunken in and I can span her waist with one hand. Her tail has become so thin that it is more like a rats tail with hair. Emaciation has taken all her reserves of fat.  Add to that 3 tiny kittens for her to feed and it doesn’t get much worse than that, short of collapse and death. We have her on a special high protein food, Hills veterinary diet A/D, plus kitten food, and as many small meals as she will take. Wendy is still able to feed her tiny babies but we are monitoring them closely and will supplement their feeds if need be with Cimicat kitten milk.

We need your help. 

WendyWe urgently need funds to help Wendy and her babies and to pay for the specialised diet which she needs in order for she and her babies to survive. 

Please see our contact page for our address for donations.

We really do appreciate your support.

…  Anne