Here’s an update on the story of Beauty, the abandoned collie who was suffering with terminal cancer.  Jan at Farplace says:

We have decided to name the repaired barn the BEAUTY BARN  in Memory of the abandoned collie with terminal cancer who had to be put to sleep recently. It still needs a new door and windows and a lintel across the door, to make it suitable as a new unit to rescue more animals. Anyone texting BEAUTY to 70300 for £5 or LICK to 70300 for £1 will be donating towards its renovation in her memory. We will create a nice tribute to her on our main website but the best remembrance is to help us to help more animals of any kind in need. There is a big hole in our lives from this dog that honoured us with the last 3 weeks of her life. You would think we would all become immune to the loss after so many years of rescuing animals but it doesn’t change. …  Jan

I agree with Jan’s sentiments totally.

…  Anne