Happy Easter Everyone and a special welcome to Cyda’s puppies.

Following a very long night of panting and digging, Cyda went into the final stage of Labour around 6am.  Her puppies are as follows:

  • 6.25, female black & tan with a little white on throat
  • 6.40, male black & tan with white on chest
  • 7.10, female ruby with white on chest
  • 7.25, female black & tan with white on throat and chest
  • 7.40, female ruby with white on chest
  • 8.05, male ruby with white blaze

All puppies and mum Cyda are doing well, including the 2 smallest black and tan girls.  We’ll keep an extra watch on them to make sure they are getting their share of mum’s milk.  Many thanks to those who followed her progress on the webcam, particularly those who have sent messages of encouragement and support.  Special thanks to Charles Barrett, our homoeopathist whose “Birthing Pack” again helped through a textbook whelping.

…  Anne