Our friends, Andrew and Jan at Hanaland Cavaliers in Bridlington have a new litter of Cavaliers.  Born 1 week early by C section, they are now feeding well and bonding with their mum, Poppy.  They are all ruby, and comprise 3 boys and 1 girl.  You can see them on Andrew’s webcam.  Good Luck, little ones!

Here’s what Andrew says …

At 4pm yesterday, Poppy gave birth to a little boy in the lounge behind the armchair.  Her labour had been so quick it caught us by surprise.  After 2 hours and no straining we called our vet at Aldgate Vets in Driffield and were advised to take her straight away for further examination.  On arrival our vet, Mary, quickly gave Poppy an internal examination and decided to give her a C section .  I was asked if I would attend the birth to assist in the reviving of any puppies which were struggling due to the anaesthetic which had been given to Poppy.  I agreed and at around 7pm the procedure began.  The vet delivered 8 puppies altogether of which 2 were already dead.  Between the nurse and myself we worked on the remaining 6 and managed to stabilise them enough to be in a state to transport them back home.  Unfortunately 2 hours later 2 other puppies died leaving us with the 4 on the photo.  These 4 puppies are now feeding after a slow start due to the anaesthetic.  Poppy also struggled at first as she was also feeling the after affects of the anaesthetic.  We are pleased to say that these effects have worn off and at the time of writing this article both mum and pups are bonding well and puppies are now feeding.  We are all feeling very tired  and ready for a long sleep.  We will keep you all updated on the progress, in the meantime please feel free to view our webcam where you can see mum and pups live.  Our plans of videoing  the event went to the wall as events took over.

…  Anne