foodThe owner of the 2 adopted kittens has very kindly given us some food for Fleur and is so grateful that she has taken to her kittens as if they were her own. All donations of food, toys, blankets or cash towards their care will be most gratefully received. In due course she will be taking one of the kittens home with her, leaving the remaining black polydactyl baby (he has one extra toe on each foot) for us to re-home along with Fleur and her own kittens.   In the mean time she will be getting her female spayed so that she will not be producing any more unwanted kittens.

kittens 3 days oldIf anyone would be interested in adopting one of Fleurs babies, a black polydactyl kitten, or indeed Fleur herself, please contact us. We have named Fleur’s kittens Pulman (Pulmanaria), Rose (Primrose), and Belle (Bluebell). We have yet to name the black polydactyl male.  Suggestions welcome.

…  Anne