Heronbank Cavaliers


Drummer is a confident little cavalier, quite full of his own importance and doesn’t like to take “No!” for an answer.  He just keeps pushing boundaries.  In that respect he is very reminiscent of Winston, our first stud dog.  At 8 weeks old, when we thought all the puppies were playing safely in the back garden, we got a phone call from a neighbour across the close to say that all our puppies were in her garden.

Winston had dug his way under the fence, gone “exploring” and taken his “pack” with him!

Carys and Winston with pups

Carys and Winston with pups

I remember one Christmas, when we had taken the dogs to Clumber Park for a long walk, Winston suddenly took off.  Shouting was to no avail.  We followed him as fast as we could, and then saw the reason for his sudden “disappearance”.  He had found a very interesting bitch, a springer spaniel if memory serves.  I apologised profusely the the bitches’ owner, and was told “She’s in season”  to which I replied “and He is a stud dog” – with ambition!  I do wish people wouldn’t walk their in season bitches where others walk their dogs!  I really couldn’t blame Winston for his disappearing act, and he was always good at producing excellent puppies.  Lets hope Drummer is the same!

I know that Drummer is just the right temperament for a stud boy, and I look forward to training him in the “Noble Art of Stud Work”, but I expect him to be quite a handful!

…  Anne