When we returned from holiday last week, our first concern was to get our dogs back home with us.  Spirit was the first to arrive.  Aunty Kate brought her back mid afternoon.  She always loves to visit Aunty Kate and she always returns very happy and much fitter after all those walks.

Then at tea-time we picked up the spaniels from Hill Crest Kennels at Gomersal.  This is a small family-run kennels who have the capacity and expertise to cope with our pack in a homely but professional way.  The dogs were understandably pleased to see us and went wild!  When we had got the spaniels in their cages in the car, we packed the dog beds and blankets, the left-over food (we always take Burns fish and Rice as it is the only one that Fin can tolerate, with his allergies) then we packed Fin’s medications and soap and disinfectant, as he may be allergic to other products.  It is quite an operation when we go to and from the kennels.  I must say it is worth it though, as they do Fin’s meds and baths, and they all come out of kennels bursting with enthusiasm!

…  Anne