As with people, dogs need good oral hygiene to keep a healthy set of teeth and gums for life.

From the age of 2, dogs and cats can start to show signs of dental disease.

A build-up of Plaque can harden, leading to tartar build-up.

This can lead to painful gingivitis which can lead to peridontal disease.

The structures supporting the teeth may become damaged, leading to tooth loss.

Infection is responsible for bad breath and bacteria can spread through the bloodstream affecting the heart, liver and kidneys.

Signs include:

  • bad breath
  • bleeding gums
  • change of eating habits
  • subdued behaviour
  • build up of tartar
  • pain or pawing at the mouth
  • tooth loss
  • dribbling saliva

How can I prevent dental disease?

  • do not feed your pet on sticky food
  • don’t allow your pet to chew hard objects eg pebbles
  • brush your pets teeth regularly
  • arrange regular dental check-ups so your vet can monitor the situation

…  Anne