Skully, Cyda & Fin in their new bed

As you may have noticed, the webcam is off for a few days to allow for refurbishment of the dog room.

We have tiles on the floor already, (an absolute boon, particularly when we have a litter of puppies).

We have decided that wall tiles would be a good idea too to make for easier washing down – and so stop successive litters pulling the flaking paint off the walls!

Also that would make it low maintenance.

Cavalier puppies at 7 weeks

Cavalier puppies at 7 weeks

So we have spent the best part of 3 hours putting 2 coats of emulsion on the ceiling of the 2 small rooms which comprise the dog room.  Hopefully that will be sufficient to cover the green paint which was there.

This afternoon, possible into tomorrow will be spent undercoating and glossing the woodwork and pipework.

It’s a long time since we did any decorating, and age and arthritis are taking their toll!

Good job the webcam is off!

The tiler is scheduled to start on Wednesday, hopefully finishing on Friday.

…  Anne